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  1. Reality Check

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've cancelled the server but I think some of you deserve an explanation of why I've decided not to continue with our Altis Life server. The server as a project was not originally intended to be its own community, rather than a server for CGN, which was a Factory/Arma community that I and Bailey were making a server for. After some unforeseen circumstances and some actions from someone from a different roleplay community, we've decided to create our own community for the server and try to make something diffirent.. something that we would love to play ourselves. We knew it might be a struggle as making an Altis Life server in 2018 is a bit too late considering the amount of already well-established communities like RPUK, Grand Theft Arma and others. Who on earth would want to leave a server that his friends play on just to start over somewhere else.. not many.. including me. In the beginning, everything went really well and we were excited to work with the community to improve the server and to make our players happy. since the day 1, we've had stable 35 players on every single day with hundreds of unique players logging on the server every day. People just kept coming. Then suddenly on 21st of December, the players stopped coming and the server lost all of its players. That was without a doubt the most disappointing moment of this whole project. We took it as a wake-up call to work even harder and work daily to release our 2.0 update with GUI overhaul and dozens of bug fixes hoping to bring the player base back. After releasing 2.0 without any major success or increase in players I've decided to shut the server down as it was no longer viable for me to financially support the project as we can move onto something bigger and better. We are currently working on a stand-alone project based on Unreal Engine 4 and we are looking forward bringing you more information. I would like to thank you all for your dedication, all the help we've received from you and we hope that even though we didn't last long you've had some good time here. It is not the end of the world for me, as in the end, it's only a game. I would like to appeal to any admin or management members from other communities to consider unban appeals from people that chose to play here or to help out us in their free time, I do not believe they have done anything wrong and they deserve the chance to play with their friends on the server of their choice. Thank you LastNickLeft
  2. What's up with IllicitGaming? [Announcement]

    Hey everyone! First of all, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year 2018! I think it's time to talk about what our plans are and to give you a bit of an insight on what is being worked on at the moment. There is no need to deny it, our player base went down from decent numbers to absolutely nothing. It is an issue we are aware (obviously) and we are trying to work towards getting players on our server once again. As you might have noticed there were no major updates over last two weeks, and we want to assure you we have not stopped working to improve the server and to bring you more new features. Over last few weeks, myself, @Bailey and @jems (gems) have been working on more updates so let's have a look at a few new things you can expect with Illicit Life 2.0 Updated and polished GUI - Phone, P Menu and all dialogues Fully Implemented new faction and its map locations New vehicles and clothing textures Improved Name Tags and Icons New "Welcome" Intro Fully working Advanced Rebel Ability to remove Ambient noise Performance update - We've gone through everything unnecessary causing FPS issues. Updated HUD - You will be able to see your health, hunger and thirst as numbers next to the icons. Improved Cartel Area with capturable points and rewards system Improved runs and overall balance New HM Treasury Added more realistic animations to certain actions More vehicles for you to purchase and utilise. ILLICIT LIFE 2.0 RELEASE DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN UPCOMING DAYS Majority of bugs reported by the community have been fixed and we can now fully focus on implementing new things rather than fixing whats broken. We've refreshed our Police Command and have some dedicated people full-time focused on the police, working on improving its training procedures and standards - if you want to be part of the Altis Police feel free to put up an application in the "Police" section of our forums. There is a lot of things we will implement in the future so I will list a few here New reviving system (You will be able to talk and interact with others) Enhanced XP system More civilian jobs Custom Runs We will be focused on making events for players and give people to join and come back to the server. As I've said many times our focus is not only on Arma 3 and Altis Life. We are currently working to bring you our Exile server as we believe it's something we might all enjoy to have a break from Roleplay. We aim towards making Illicit a gaming community for all sorts of players regardless of the game they play. Something I'm really excited about is our new concept that we are working on. It is called WarZone and it will be more gun-play server based on Military operations rather than normal Police-Civilian server. There is still quite a few issues to overcome but we firmly believe that it will be something new and fresh. More info on WarZone is coming soon. I would like to thank you all for your patience and dedication, our main focus as a community at the moment should be to bring more people on the server. Ask your friends to hop on and have look, let's get things going! Make sure to check out our updated website at http://www.illicitgaming.co.uk LastNickLeft
  3. Forum Tags/Colours and TS Icons!

    Any update? Could you send them to me?
  4. A few cop suggestions

    Intro Song will be gone with the next update Impound timer will now be 20 seconds Repair time will be the same There are both ARCO and RCO already in Cop armoury, it depends on a rank Will be done and compass will be added This has been implemented and goes live with the next update Thanks for your suggestions @DiggerHunter64
  5. Christmas

    Will see what we can do for next Christmas
  6. Cocaine Run

    Cocaine and heroin moved, thanks for your suggestion
  7. Christmas Time! - Win a £10 Steam Gift Card!

    Two days left! Little hint. Numbers, Locations and Letters are important Good luck
  8. Your boyy Nick

  9. I wonder who is using Dial-Up internet trying to DDOS us :D 


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    4. Patchwork
  10. Eminem’s new “Revival” album is just so disappointing...

  11. The first person to solve this puzzle wins £10 Steam Gift card. Contact LastNickLeft via PM
  12. GTX 1080TI

    I've heard that @Bailey has a few spare.
  13. Forum Tags/Colours and TS Icons!

    I like them but could you please put them up bigger? Same size as the actual tags that are in place now? Thanks