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  1. Sorry for chatting ass on your forums, i still love yyou dad <3 xD 

  2. Whats up you slag pipe😈😈

    1. Bailey


      Now then my favourite shag show

  3. Forum Tags/Colours and TS Icons!

  4. Pricing Optimisation

  5. What do you want?

    Hello all, as Christmas has been and of course the numbers have been a little low, we have had alot of new players and we aim to keep it that way and house them in a place that all are welcome, we now need your help to tell us what you want to see on the server?, In regards of suggestions they will be handled today and we will see how they go, so please, have a go and reply with what you think is wrong with the server and what would make it better. Fill Our Form
  6. Your boyy Nick

  7. Player Report - N I C K

    The 23 hours reply time has nothing to do with you, it isn't because of this either, staff can only reply to a report with an action after 24 hours have passed, this gives the reporter and the player being reported enough time to resolve any conflicts that they have and solve any issues.
  8. Player Report - N I C K

    I am not targeting you on this one but we both know you did exploit through the dome premiere to gain access to the player quicker. Locked for 23 Hours.
  9. Player Report - N I C K

    Let me state, it doesn't matter at all if i was in the situation or not, i did not know this occured so i can state my opinion or take action. Anyway please keep replying to attempt to resolve or leave it for the remaining 23 hours.
  10. Player Report - N I C K

    You must have been superman to get behind that body during the time he looks inside the vault and back at the door.
  11. Player Report - N I C K

    I have watched the video, and from that it looks like he has exploited through the dome, got anything to say for the remaining 24 hours of this report? @HotZ
  12. large head

  13. It's not hard to bypass the vehicle DLC's screen by adding a windows key option to get in driver.