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  1. no title needed

    Fucking woppa mate, can you get me one? Gonna play some ultra quality roblox on that.
  2. My dog setup

    Some proper belter here lads (I wish it was); RAMPAGE II GENE LGA 1366 Motherboard <- Old Af VS650 Corsair PSU I7 950 @ 3.07Ghz <- 2009 tut tut GTX 1050Ti <- Not the worst card, my 980 broke ;( Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600Mhz @ 8Gb <- Other sticks broke ;( Rii Gaming Keyboard (Thanks to Nick) Rii Gaming Mouse (Thanks to Nick) Combaterwing Long Ways Cloth Mouse Mat <- Not too shabby
  3. Well then, we had fun...
  4. Discord

    Hello All, If you aren't aware already, we have our own public Discord server which is available for anyone to wants to join. Our voice channels are active from time to time and the current goal is to keep it that way, building a friendly and open gaming environment where people can meet new people and socialise. We previously hosted our own ArmA 3 Altis Life server but we have closed that down and at the moment we're focusing on the social aspect of gaming as it's imperative in the gaming community. We have custom written bots designed specifically for our server, including features but not limited to: self assignable roles and auto-moderation. We're also open to partnerships so if interested, please direct message one of the senior staff. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/FSrUJgB Hope to see you in voice chat! Thanks, Bailey.
  5. Sorry for chatting ass on your forums, i still love yyou dad <3 xD 

  6. Whats up you slag pipe😈😈

    1. Bailey


      Now then my favourite shag show

  7. Development Changelog

    Illicit Life 2.0 Update - Development Changelog [8 PM] Splash screen backdrop added to the spawn menu. Added missing 20% health picture. Removed a few duplicate functions. Adminmenu fixed so admins can now administrate once again. Drain/Fill Fuel button added to admin menu. Mass dialog edits, such as ("Clothing Menu", "Gang Menu", "KeyChain Menu", "Settings Menu", "Wanted Database"). Fully reworked the player menu to make it look nicer. You can now see how many players are online from the player menu. Police Clothing Changed. TFU Uniforms & Vehicles added, ("Tactical Firearms Unit"). Police marshall has been removed. A lot of textures have been optimized. You now get transported by boat on every login when you DO NOT have a Visa. Name tags have been fixed so you can now see gang names under peoples heads once again. Admin name tag error no longer spamming around 10,000 times every millisecond for people running above 60+FPS. Name tag's title and subtitle font has been changed. Name tags no longer show when an admin is invisible or in an admin suit. Optimized most functions and scripts to work better for the players. Admin markers are no longer toggled from when you are in your admin Suit. Added information menu into the server, opens 3 seconds after being welcomed by the text on the screen for everyone when you DO NOT have a Visa. Edited a few main admin menu buttons. Admins can no longer go into godmode, it's given to them when in their adminSuit. SCO-19 Has been removed and changed to TFU. Mission file has had an overall cleanup. The animation is now different upon being restrained. You no longer die from being low on food/drink. Your screen now goes blurry and shakes when you are dehydrated or hungry. Redgulls now give you lower weapon sway for 3 minutes upon use. Speed cameras have been added to around Kavala. People can no longer spam capturable areas. Panic button no longer shows for civilians. All resource fields show a name tag mid-air stating which field they are at and how to gather said resource. Threat level menu has been removed. You have to set the threat level from the info stand at the top of Kavala police station. Kalochori Police Station has been removed. Fixed error upon clicking abort. You now need a Visa additional to the home license to be able to purchase a house. Sky diving no longer gives you additional clothing. When drinking redgull your thirst now goes up instead of down. Loading vehicles in vehicles is no longer an option. Taxi Menu is now orange. 3 Icons now show on the escape menu for easy access to the Teamspeak and forums. A message is now sent out to in chat to all when you endMission, Will only be sent to admin soon. Waitime upon clicking abort has been reduced. When you spawn you now get a notification instead of text in the middle of your screen. Fixed some errors with the messages that pop up now and again. Information dialogue no longer shows up for police. Edited clothing shop script, so money is deducted upon pressing escape also your data is synced. Pressing P no longer opens your player menu. Text at the bottom of the screen when you press escape has been changed into a notification (No longer interferes with other scripts ran upon pressing escape). The dialogue is now closed when you press the open player menu button on your Y Menu. TFU Shops are now in. The HM Treasury has been moved. Texture reskin script has been changed and optimized to prevent you seeing your uniform on other players when server stress times are high. You are now punished upon teamkilling as a cop. ("First time offence = 1 Warning and -10,000", "Second time offence = 2 Warnings and -10,000", "Third time offence = 3 Warnings, -25,000", "3 and above offences you will be deducted -25,000 each time"). Completely removed FAR. Added some east support for "future faction". Various notification changes ("Hints > Notifications"). There is no longer keybinds for the following scripts ("Taxis, Navigation, XP System"). You no longer get money from crushing vehicles ("Preventing a duplication method"). Mass removal of unneeded cpp files. Cops no longer need a license to open HM treasury building doors. Advanced rebel fixed ("Clothing", "Weapons", "Market", "Utility"). Civilians gang markers are now Pink. Medic markers are now bright green. Police markers are now blue and not BLUFOR colour. No talking in OOC Channel message changed. Gang button is no longer clickable for police. Complete migration from extDB2 -> extDB3. Complete migration from 32Bit ArmA.exe -> 64Bit ArmA.exe. Logging out colours have been changed. You need to wait 10 seconds before respawning. A sound is now emitted across a 25m distance from a police officer when they request backup. The tazer now only fires 1 bullet per reload ("To avoid spam tazing"). Cops can now view civilians keys. Admins no longer have their cop icon above their head. Admins can now destroy your engine as well as fuel to bring you to a stop. Medics can now revive people with no errors. Medics now get paid different amounts from different insurance companies each time they revive a player. Players no longer have to request medic for medics to see where they are on the map and to be able to revive them. Medics now have an icon above their head. It now takes 3 seconds to unflip your vehicle ("Better prevention for the vehicle killing you"). Jaws of life no longer have the bug where it would give you 2 pairs of the same key as a medic. All radios have been disabled. Masked players now have their nametag hidden. Added option on the mobile menu to delete client messages. FPS Mode is no longer stuck toggled upon server join. Removed player tags option on the settings menu "Temp". Backpack button no longer stays checked once disabled on the settings menu. Your grass level is set to 35 upon joining (The higher = More Grass). Random weather has now been re-enabled so you can have a chance of dark/light nights and rainy days. Medic vehicle lights have been fixed. Only police get the hint when someone is breaking into the HM Treasury and instead everyone receives a big bar stating what is happening. A sound now plays when you put on your seatbelt. There is now 3 new UI icons above the watermark for when your seatbelt is on, earplugs are in and lights are on in the vehicle you are in. You can now turn on your vehicle indicators by pressing keys: Q & E. You can no longer press "Shift + Numpad -" To force end your mission. Police clothing shops are redone to fit commands needs and correct rank structure. Medics no longer get put into the water when killed, ("This stops a death loop"). The HUD now has 3 set of numbers, ("Health, Hunger, Thirst"). Some options on the settings menu now toggle properly again. Police TFU Shops have been added Captured cartels now set the marker properly. Cops rank icons have been changed. Admins can now teleport to a player. A new meth run has been added. New textures Civilian Limited time Golden Hatchback Police TFU Orca Police TFU SUV and Hatchback Police Hunter And many many more fixes! Come and try Current missionFile Size: 23Mib. Current Version: V2.0.
  8. Development Changelog

    Big development changelog will be out very soon upon the launch of Illicit v2.0!
  9. What do you want?

    Hello all, as Christmas has been and of course the numbers have been a little low, we have had alot of new players and we aim to keep it that way and house them in a place that all are welcome, we now need your help to tell us what you want to see on the server?, In regards of suggestions they will be handled today and we will see how they go, so please, have a go and reply with what you think is wrong with the server and what would make it better. Fill Our Form
  10. Your boyy Nick

  11. large head

  12. Development Changelog

    18/12/2017 - Big Development Changelog. - Bailey && Jems. Re-Edited Fuel Cost. Changed some $ signs to £. Made secondary police siren sound louder and pitch better. Removed doors opening on vehicles upon unlock. Vehicle damage no longer saves upon impound/store. Getting bailed out of jail no longer gives you jump suit but instead returns your old gear. Mining now gives you XP. Fixed caesium run weights (Price change soon). Everything in the NHS Shops are no longer sellable. Changed prices of end game items, (Blackfishes and Jets, ECT). NameTags now show on various signs around Kavala PD and Kavala Civ Vehicle Shop (More coming soon). You can now rob the HM Treasury with only 6 cops online. UAV's now work for Police when buying it in their vehicle shop (They can now connect it with the terminal without the UAV Bag). When reviving someone, the person being revived gets a message in chat saying, "Medic Fred Blogs is now preforming CPR upon you". After reviving someone as a Medic you will get a notification saying, "You have revived Blah Blah and £ has been placed into your bank account from their insurance company (Random Insurance company and the money they recieve will be randomized from £1,500 - £9,000)". Fixed vehicles clearing after 3 minutes. Added 7.62 ammo to SCO19. Added high visibility vests to NHS clothing shop. Fixed buying medikit in NHS store. Fixed rebel license being removed on being sent to jail. Fixed licenses being removed when dying wanted. Changed NHS reviving player notification to ilicit system instead of hint. Fixed hunger and thirst script (Was half broken). Removed duplicate ifrit from rebel shop. Fixed a bug within the weapon config file. Fixed fuel cost per litre. Made cop second siren play louder. Vehicle doors no longer opening. Bug with Police spawning with no Cell Phone/Mobile Phone. Edited gather message upon receiving items. Added a new admin suit (Purple). Fixed previous update breaking weapon Shops. Added 9mm 30rnd mag to PC Shop. Changed abort message from "Blah Blah has aborted to the lobby.". Fixed crimes not showing up correctly (Missing text). Added future script for HM Alarms. Cop loadout script finished (Applies a full loadout to you depending on your rank). Fixed weapon config (again). Fixed weapon config (yes, again, we don't learn ). Cops now spawn by default with uniform corresponding to their rank. Medics now spawn with essentials (Medkit, high-vs vest) Gear is now synced when being dropped/picked up. Removed multiple unused files and optomized some code bases. Removed black vr suit for level 5 admins. When entering a clamping vehicle the notification will now say, "This vehicle has been clamped by the Altis Police Constabulary, if you wish to get this vehicle unclamped, you need to go to your nearest Police Station and pay a fine of £5,000". You now receive essentials when spawning as a cop (E.g FirstAidKit, Compass, GPS). Replaced Quilin with Prowler (Black) for Police. Made Mobile Phone/Cell Phone free for NHS (Making all items free). Removed inferior van transport duplicate in car shop, where there was a lower vCapacity van which costed more than the other. Fixed over 1,000 errors being spammed to your client upon joining (Disabled channels script). Removed legacy XP and Levels system from the entire missionFile and life_Server (This removal fixed random errors from the unused system). Added multiple items to the NHS clothing store. You can now buy bullet resistant vests, high-vis vests, a new backpack and have a massive selection of hats/helmets. NHS Now see markers of dead people before they requested NHS, you can also now revive people before they request NHS. (Nice marker updates to come in the future, O.o colours). Removed duplicate WindowsKeyEventHandler Entry. Fixed error within the mission.sqm (Misspelling of enableSimulation). Vehicles now spawn with no ammo. We are always working on new updates!
  13. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa