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  1. Price Database

    Hello, I have put together a user-friendly database containing the prices of all available weapons, attachments, and magazines. This database can be used to calculate the price of your loadout for purchase in-game or for use when filling out a compensation request Regards, - AJ
  2. Lit update <3

  3. when da stats page being made, i wanna flash my cash @Bgill678 @LastNickLeft

  4. who tf is invictia 


    1. L D

      L D

      Big up the mother

  5. Invictia, leave Kavala now!

  6. kush patel

    1. Captain AbdooL

      Captain AbdooL

      I'll brick your nans yard on a sunday

  7. test.exe

    1. Captain AbdooL

      Captain AbdooL

      new phone who dis?

    2. Bailey


      I have transfered over to a new cellular device, from whom am i recieving this message from?

  8. Rebel Changes

    replace m320 with mar10