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  1. White man inside a black mans body
  2. large head

    God you're good looking
  3. Imagine getting 43 facepalms, rather kms

  4. Double tap in the back with the German

  5. Mar-10 Auction

    Big adbul with the big waps
  6. Where’s my phat supporter tag after my  big boi donation

  7. Is the bloody Advanced rebel fixed yet?

    1. Attach


      no why is your cover photo like 120p?

  8. I'm on strike for the face palm emoji 

  9. hello all my fans on the YouTube and Facebook 

    1. A D A M
    2. AJ.


      new phone who dis

    3. L D

      L D

      dis is leon

  10. Green Hat

    Too low only looking for serious bidders, Thankyou
  11. who tf is invictia 


    1. L D

      L D

      Big up the mother