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  1. Reality Check

    Also, thanks to all the Staff who had helped out during the time our Altis Life server was up, I think we can all agree that we done a good job and there is more to come.
  2. Server Development Form - Update

    Just making this post to reassure everyone who was not at the last community meeting that we are constantly checking your responses in our server development form. Nothing in here goes unnoticed, we just cannot reply to everyone. The development team are still working strong so don't hesistate to enter a suggestion, you will only be helping yourselves as well as everyone else by doing so. Thanks Server Development Suggestions / bug report form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Js37FQTJXxwmS5scDf1HtPrOHQdpLyo3ClLgBazIUUk/edit#response=ACYDBNgtgDy556jsv-h1WisLm5ziVszpyH_6OpVBAUwTvF3sKPNpkEX8NHKeKw
  3. ts3 icons

  4. ts3 icons

    64 x 64 i need to see them in that
  5. ts3 icons

    Only way i would put these in is if i can get them in 64 x 64
  6. Forum Tags/Colours and TS Icons!

    Please dont change the TS icons 😲😲😲 Forum icons on point though
  7. New map ???

    tanoa is a weird one for life, too much tropical forest, hard to do but could work, maybe even other maps, but tanoa isnt anywhere else, and that would take it a few people..
  8. Player Report - N I C K

    Spoken with on TS Action Taken - Warning Issued
  9. GTX 1080TI

    fuck that, i have a 2080ti pussys
  10. Chase for president

    Lord of the Rim @Jayray H
  11. Player Report - N I C K

    I will deal with this report and will decide on it AFTER I speak with you. I will give it 48 hours from when the report was made to speak with you as I dont want to action you if you did not do anything. Try to get footage of someone or something, anything. Speak with you soon
  12. Player Report - N I C K

    You are not involved. Do not comment on player reports in the future. I will speak with you in TS. We have 22 hours to deal with this mate, I do want to get to the bottom of this.
  13. Player Report - N I C K

    We shall speak on TS.
  14. Player Report - N I C K

    Exactly, it is all about evidence to us unfortunately, and from myself and Baileys perspective it looks like you are clearly glitching through the wall. I think due to the fact that you are a good player and good roleplayer, that a simple exploiting warning will suffice and that if it happens again, you will receive a ban. However, since Bailey originally took the report, ill leave it to him. Goodluck
  15. Player Report - N I C K

    I decided to watch the video too so that we can have a second opinion on the situation (as bailey was also involved in the situation judging by the video "bailey is in the building"), and it is blatantly clear you are glitching through the wall. Do you have video from your side?