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  1. Mar-10 Auction

    Auction has ended! (Ain't been on to post this) The final price was 900k @Attach. When would you like to do the trade?
  2. Mar-10 Auction

    but w/e, current bid is 900k, Auction will end at 4pm!
  3. Mar-10 Auction

    Current bid: 875,000 Ends: 22/12/17
  4. Mar-10 Auction

    I still didn't get my £15 go kart?!?
  5. Mar-10 Auction

  6. Mar-10 Auction

    @Quinntastic make that 200 ifrits or mk1's and you've got yourself a deal ;)
  7. Mar-10 Auction

    my jigga knows xD
  8. Mar-10 Auction

    The MAR-10 is a powerful marksman weapon used by CTRG forces. This semi-automatic rifle is chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum. With its 66cm long barrel and 4.4kg weight, the MAR-10 isn't easy to handle, but the high power and extreme precision with an effective range up to 1700m to compensate for it. Items for sale: Mar-10 w/ Ams +15mags Starting bid: 500,000 Minimum bid inc: 75,000 End date: 22/12/17 Proof of ownership: Happy bidding.