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  • Community Rules

  • 1.1 We demand all our members be respectful, mature and understand the fact that we are all here to have a good time. Treat people as you would like to be treated yourself.

    1.2 Aggressive and abusive behaviour towards other members is not allowed unless it's consensual.

    1.3 You are not allowed to bully, harass, troll or provoke players with malicious intent. 

    1.4 Any decision made by an Admin is final.

    1.5 Illicit Gaming.co.uk reserves the right to deny access to our services to a person that is seen as disruptive or commits anything with an intent of harming the community, its name or any of our members.

  • Advertising

  • 10.1 Please do not advertise your servers, website or Teamspeak using our services. These include our forums, in-game chat, Teamspeak and others. Please apply common sense. You won’t get banned for sending your Teamspeak to a bunch of friends but please refrain from sharing these via public channels or OOC chat.

  • Teamspeak, Discord, Forums

  • 11.1 Excessive use of soundboards and other plugins are not allowed in public channels. 

    11.2 You are not allowed to have pictures, avatars or nicknames containing anything that is considered racist or discriminative. If you are found with this content you will be asked to remove it. If you fail to comply with this request you will be removed

    11.3 Your name or channel name is not to contain anything that is considered offensive, names such as Ni***r, Cu*t and others are not allowed and are punishable by ban.

    11.4 You are not allowed to spam or send an excessive amount of unnecessary messages. If you are found with this content you will be asked to stop. If you fail to comply with this request you will be removed.

    11.5 Sharing personal informations or pictures of others without their consent is not allowed as well as pretending to be a different member of the community.

    11.6 We appreciate all donations, however, due to their nature, they are not refundable. If you have any issues please contact member of management